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martes, 15 de abril de 2008


In my family for Christmas each got used to decorate a Christmas tree with stuffed animals, lights, Christmas balls and photos. Also put gifts. Is one of the few moments to come together and forget the stress-producing classes and work


The "Judas" is a doll made with cloth, rags and old clothes, stuffed with fireworks contributing participants in the burning of each community, these fireworks are exploited once Judas is hanged and burned. The ceremony begins when the person is chosen from the community, a state or a country which is regarded by their actions a threat to society and is worthy of ridicule.

my gadget

The cellular phone is the best friend of women because what I use for the following. Send and receive text messages, I only hear the song and give clik on the packet. Take pictures, I only have to click the button marked with the DIGITAL CAMERA. And the most important thing is that I can talk to my parents because they do not live with them

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